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Laboratory Testing

Dr. Holly frequently uses laboratory testing to help her understand the cause of your symptoms.


Some of the tests that Dr. Holly may suggest are:

  • Thyroid Hormone Profile

  • Nutrient Level Testing (iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, zinc)

  • Food Intolerance Testing (IgG/IgE/IgA food sensitivity testing)

  • Cardiovascular Profile 

  • Salivary Hormonal Testing (cortisol, DHEA, female & male hormones)

  • Blood Hormonal Testing (DHEA, insulin, male & female hormones)

  • Urinary DUTCH Hormonal Testing

  • Digestive Stool Analysis + Parasitology

  • Urinary Organic Acid Testing

  • SIBO Breath Testing

  • Stool Microbiology



Stratford Naturopath Holly Johnston
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