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Wehl in the City: Stratford, Ontario

Wellness is vitality. When you’re at your highest state of being you can feel whole, vibrant, light, at ease, abundant….

Wellness to me means aligning with our own internal health blueprint. It’s about connecting with your heart, mind, body, and soul. It's about finding your light.

I help people uncover the root of their symptoms, and offer direction towards what needs to be supported to feel balanced.

I am so lucky to practice in the community I grew up in.


Over the last 4 years back in this city I have met the most wonderful people that have supported me through my own wellness journey.

We all need the right community to thrive and achieve our health goals.

Over the last few months I have joined the Wehl Platform – a new social community of like-minded people, looking to support each other in their wellness goals.

Wehl is a place to be inspired, inspire others and spread good.

How about social media that is positive, constructive, non-judgmental and leaves you feeling great after?!

Curate your feed, just for you depending on your wellness goals.

View real life wellness instead of filters.

I hope that you can join me on Wehl to share your wellness goals and to support each other!

You can sign up for free at and you can follow me @drhollynd.

But first, let's explore what it means to live well in Stratford!

Follow along for some of my favourite things and why this town is so special to me.

Things to Do in Stratford

TJ Dolan Trail

A quiet, beautiful 4.5 km trail surrounded by tall trees and nature. A favourite running trail in the summer and walking trail in the winter!

Stratford Festival

Our city is well known for the world class productions from the Festival Theatre. I am a little biased because I was fortunate to work with the company from 2010-2014 in the shop. It honestly was one of my favourite places to be. So many talented actors and artisans sharing their gifts.

The gardens out front are world class too; if you look closely you can find some medicinal herbs!! I love to walk through this gardens when I have a break in my schedule!

The Yoga Chapple

My friends at the Yoga Chapple are so much more than a yoga studio.

They offer yoga, spin, meditation, reiki, kettle bell, dance, and tons of art & crafting workshops!! It’s a safe place that allows you to be your best possible self. The classes are small, often consisting of 10-15 people, meaning it’s easy to meet like minded friends and feel connected to the community.

Slow Food Market

A favourite local Sunday market in the downtown core, especially in the summer time. Organic produce, meats and cheeses from farmer’s in Perth County.

Illume Wellness Spa

My favourite eco spa in the downtown core! All products used in the spa are organic and non-toxic. Plus, the space is ultra relaxing and the staff are all so lovely! I am super excited for the salt room that will be opening in the next month!


This cozy café is the perfect place to meet up with some friends in the morning before going to work! The vision of Revel is community and bringing people together, and it sure has introduced me to so many wonderful people!

The Green Hair Spa

Another one of my favourite spots for green beauty! The salon uses Organic Colour Systems products which are much safer and environmentally conscious, plus they offer refills on shampoos & conditioners to help cut down on plastic waste. I love so much how this salon is all about giving back to the community.

What to Eat in Stratford


I can’t say enough about this place and am here at least once if not more times per week.

With new specials all the time, I have too many favourites!! Pad Thai, Moroccan Hummus, and Black Bean Brownies are staples in my diet!

This week she is featuring Grilled Cashew Cheese Sandwich with Wild Blueberry Compote, Onion and Spinach as well as a Walnut Black Bean Veggie Burger with Cashew Cheese sauce, Caraway Kraut and Dill Pickle....

Heather is seriously so crafted and her journey in eating plant based is inspiring!

The Farm Juice Co.

The most delicious organic cold-pressed juice!! The truest source of vitamins and minerals in every bottle. Alex puts her heart & soul in her juices and it shows!! Give the Heart Beet, Thinker, and Refuel a try; they are my favourites!


Love this little quiet café when I’m meeting up with a friend or have some work to do.

The avocado toast is the best I’ve ever had plus they have amazing beet, matcha, turmeric and charcoal lattes!! Lots of sweet treats too that are all vegan, gf, and df!

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