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Welcome To The Healthy Beginnings Naturopathic Programs!
























Naturopathic Doctors and Doulas, Dr. Holly Johnston, ND and Dr. Amy Dobbie, ND have teamed up to combine their passions and expertise in perinatal care and pediatrics into an all-encompassing health and wellness program for families.



Our goal is to help create a positive pregnancy experience and optimize the earliest days of your child’s life to prepare your family for a healthy future.


You might have many questions about this time period, and resources and advice can be plentiful to the point of being overwhelming. Our job is to help you navigate through all of this information with our Healthy Beginnings Program!


We use all of the naturopathic modalities including dietary and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional & herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The foundation of each treatment and visit is the same, but we customize each program to your specific needs and lifestyle! 

Healthy Beginnings Naturopathic Pre-Conception & Pre-Natal Programs


Pre-Conception Program (3 months)


The preconception program is designed to help you prepare for your pregnancy. At the end of the program you will be equipped with family planning tools to understand your fertility and menstrual cycle and you will be able to enter into your next pregnancy with a healthy body. This program is designed for all women, not just those with concerns with fertility.


Visit 1

  • Basic Detox: Four week diet and lifestyle based detox to regulate hormones and reduce toxins in the body

  • Family planning: Learn how to track your menstrual cycle, basal body temperature and cervical signs 

  • Review of current health and fertility status to address concerns as needed

    • Common concerns include smoking cessation, reviewing safety of medications in pregnancy, stress management, irregular cycles, fibroids, achieving healthy weight pre-pregnancy and more!


Visit 2: 4-6 weeks later

  • Supplementation: What to take during the pre-pregnancy period

  • Fertility Promoting Diet

  • Review of family planning tracking

  • Fertility Promoting Acupuncture


Visits 3 and beyond: Weekly

  • Fertility Promoting Acupuncture



Already Pregnant? Check out our pre-natal program!



Pre-Natal Program


Congratulations on the growing addition to your family!


The pre-natal program is designed to support and nurture you through your current pregnancy. You will be equipped through all trimesters with what changes to expect for you and baby, optimal supplementation and diet to support a healthy pregnancy, natural and effective therapies to increase your comfort, a customized birth plan to prepare you for labour and techniques to ensure a safe and positive labour experience, including support for healing after vaginal or C-section delivery.


Do you have to start from the beginning of the program? Absolutely not! If you’re finding us when you’re already in your second or third trimester, or even days from delivery, we’re glad to support you from at any time period.


First Trimester Visit

  • What to Expect: Body changes, weight gain, common symptoms

  • Natural and effective solutions for early symptoms: morning sickness, heartburn, fatigue, and more

  • Supplementation & Herbs: What do you need?

  • Healthy Pregnancy Diet

  • Miscarriage prevention (if applicable)


Second Trimester Visit

  • Birth plan development and discussion of common interventions in labour (If you already have a birth plan made with your midwife or doula we are happy to review it with you!)

  • Birth Kit: What to pack?

  • Supplementation & Herbs: What do you need now?

  • Natural and effective solutions for later symptoms: hemorrhoids, constipation, varicose veins, swelling, etc.


Third Trimester Visit(s)

  • Group B Strep Prevention

  • Acupressure: Learn at home techniques to ease discomfort during labour

  • Homeopathics and herbal remedies to use during labour and post-partum

  • Discussion on preparing for breastfeeding

  • Pre-birth Acupuncture: weekly starting at 36 weeks to prepare your body for labour

  • Post-partum healing plan (C-section or Vaginal)

  • Post-Dates “Induction” Acupuncture (if applicable)

  • Techniques to turn breech baby (if applicable)


Post-Partum Visit(s)

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Healing post-partum

  • Emotional support 

Healthy Beginnings Stratford
Healthy Beginnings Stratford
Healthy Beginnings Naturopathic Well-Baby Program


The well baby program is designed for the first year of your baby’s life. Through the year we will track your baby’s physical, emotional and cognitive development to ensure they are getting the best possible start to life. We will support you and your child through breastfeeding, food introduction, and vaccination decisions. Common concerns will be addressed such as teething, sleep issues, digestion and colic, eczema and more! We will review with families what supplements and herbs are safe and necessary early in life and how best to offer these.


Visit outline coming soon!

Healthy Beginnings Stratford
Healthy Beginnings Naturopathic Well-Child Program 


Similar to the well baby program, the well child program is designed to support optimal health through your child’s lifetime. We will track your child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development to ensure they are getting the best possible start to life Your family will be equipped with healthy diet strategies and a review of supplement and herbal safety and necessity. Common concerns will be addressed such as digestion, eczema, immune function, attention and focus, picky eaters, and more!


Visit outline coming soon!

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