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New Patient Information

























First Visit/Initial Consultation: Please bring with you a copy of your health history and intake form, as well as any relevant imaging, bloodwork or lab results, and any supplements that you are currently taking.

Our first visit will be approximately 1 hour in length, and allow us to review your health history and chief concerns. At this time, a thorough physical exam will also be performed, and if needed any recommended laboratory testing will be discussed. Based on the information I have gathered in this visit, I will develop a customized treatment protocol to be discussed at the second visit.




Second Visit (approximately 30 minutes): At this time I will discuss my assessment and present you with a comprehensive treatment plan that we will discuss together to ensure it meets your identified health goals. 



Subsequent Visits: These visits will serve to keep us on track with your health goals and allow us to fine tune our plan to suit your needs.







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